The Freebie Looks: Part 2

More hunt goodies, group gifts and a lucky board this time around for the men of second life! First, lets talk skin again. (oh baby) This time around, I’m wearing the newest lucky board skin from Mr. Poet, the Lieber, which is a step above their other skins. The attention to detail of this muscular skin is amazing, I cannot believe this is only a five minute lucky board. It comes with the skin, shape (no mod) and a eyebrow shaper. I’m wearing one of my own shapes with it, so see the rare sight of a manly Pie.

Today’s freebies are a mixture of the seasons hunt gifts which have been blogged to death and group gifts for a winter time look. These jeans are from the Tony group gift from Ydea, and personally my favorite part of the outfit. And I’m channeling a bit of my inner Eiran, by wearing a the freebie female hair gift from :esk-imo. It can be found in one of the little gift boxes strewn around the store.

Style Card:

Hair: esk-imo : Vivi Hair (Dark Blonde) (Freebie from :esk-imo)

Skin: ::Mr.Poet::Lieber skin (Lucky Board from Mr. Poet)

Eyes: eleanor rigby. optics (aztec) (Part of the seasons hunt gift from eleanor.rigby)

Sweater: [Sleepy Eddy] Crew Neck Sweater (maroon) (Seasons hunt gift from Sleepy Eddy)

Vest: Cable Knitting Vest *Light Gray* Body (Seasons hunt gift from [pivaaca])

Belt: ::GB::  loose_belt_Brack Unisex (Group Gift from GABRIEL)

Jeans: Tony jeans (Group Gift from Ydea)

Boots: Willow~ Creek Moccasins (Seasons hunt gift from Willow)


The Freebie Looks:

So after finally catching up on my hunting, I thought I would do a post for the freebie hunters, though you’ve all probably gotten these lovely items. If not, go grabs these fantastic items before they dissappear forever!

First up, the girl! I love this hunt skin from :esk-imo, who is more known for her cute woman’s hairstyles rather than her skin work. But despite having a small section with only a few skins, her skins are amazing. They are so worth the money and even better when they are free. I do wish they had multiple eyebrow color shades rather than one, or an add on tattoo layer so I can wear different hair colors and make it look natural, but begger’s can be choosers. This free skin comes with various make-up options much like her pay skins, three different shades of blush and autumn themed make up not seen here.

I decided to go a little Halloween themed and what place better than REPULSE to get some hunt items, more of their stomach cuts as I call them tattoos were released for the Zombie Popcorn hunt as well as a neat face clawing tattoo layer which is perfect for roleplay! But, lets move on to the style sheet! Boys, your freebie style card is coming up next!

Style Card:

Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Angela [Biscuit] (Group Gift at Raw House)

Skin: :esk-imo: Nanami Autumn Look Skin (Pale) (ISH Hunt gift from :esk-imo)

Eyes: ::UH::Doll eye(SP)M (Group Gift at Umedama Holic)

Eye Liner: :esk-imo: Sharp Black Eyeliner (Free Gift at :esk-imo)

Clawmarks: REPULSE – Clawed Eye Face Tattoo (Zombie Popcorn Gift from REPULSE)

Scarf: Halcali:::Zebra Scarf [Group Gift] KDC Limited (Free item at the Halcali KDC mall shop!)

Sweater: JANE – groupLOVE sweater  (Group gift from JANE)

Bra: eleanor rigby. aztec bra (black) (Seasons hunt gift from eleanor rigby.)

Stomach Cuts: REPULSE – Contagion Stomach Wound Tattoo (Zombie Popcorn Gift from REPULSE)

Baggy Pants: [NV] HALLOWEEN BAGGY -treat or trick- (Free Halloween Gift at [NV])

Socks: JANE – groupLOVE [socks] (Group gift from JANE)

Shoes: +mocha+  –  Flower Mouton Boots (Seasons hunt gift from +mocha+)

Forest Dweller’s New Smokes

So I popped online and discovered there was a new free gift in the [Contraption] group, a wacky looped pipe that when clicked produces a trail of smoke. It was perfect for one of my uncompleted looks, the little forest dweller. You better go grab it now! It is going only to be available from the 21st of October to the 24th! 

Style Card:

Skin: :::DR::: Georgie skin (pale)_make04

Hair: Hype – Chase Hair // Auburn

Eyes: «< np »> Glass eyes –  Moonlight

Eye Tattoos: [Gauze] Tattoo- Kayn – 3 – White (recolored)

Eye Piercing: [ni.Ju] Amaterasu Left Eye Piercing

Lip Piercing: [ni.Ju] Snake Bites Piercing – Simple v02 (Freebie at ni.Ju)

Pipe: [Contraption] Personals: The Loopy Pipe *default* (Limited Time Group Gift!)

Scarf: Gritty Kitty: Mr. Tumnus Scarf (stripey)

Jacket: :DN: Jas – Brown

Tee-shirt: +Lika Ruby+Tee dragon

Gloves: +grasp+/Biker Glove _red (Group Gift!)

Pants + Belt: :sey 7B-CargoPants-mocha

Socks: Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Deep Red

Shoes: *FIR & MNA* Wavie Shoes 


So as an intro post, this is a little outfit for my character Pieta, one of my oldest characters. Due to an old friend coming back, I felt the urge to update her a bit! So I rummaged around my inventory and came up with this little number.

As a side note, I love the [Contraption] Eye Spy fatpack. Besides being animated with an almost “flickering” animation within the eye, there is also a very slight “glow” effect that shows when you display a darker windlight.  The fact it’s more of a “contact” rather than a prim eye, meaning it goes over your base eyes is another huge plus. You can make some really interesting effects by playing with different eyes and the different colors of the Eye spy. It’s perfect for a cybernetic eye for your more “robotic” or “cyberpunk” character.

Now for what you really care about.

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. MiChi-II(A)1

Eye: [Contraption] Eye Spy *steel* on top of ::UH::Tsuya eye(GrayishRblue)

Eyeliner: :esk-imo: Soft Black Eyeliner (Free gift at :esk-imo)

Hair: .ploom. Gabby (Streaked) – Ink

Goggles: *DL* Kimiko – Goggles

Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: BLING BLING :: (Old hunt item)

Hoodie: *ARAI* Nylon parka_black 


Tank Top: [ATOMIC] Shredded Tank_Black



Bag: =IZUMIYA=Drum Bag/Shoulder

Belt: ::: B@R ::: Graffiti Girl Belt

Shorts:  JANE – moody tweed

Leggings: : DN: Leggies – White

Boots: drd bootslazybuckblue (Old Midnight Madness item, still available at DRD)


HERP DERP, welcome to my SL fashion/roleplay fashion/roleplay/awesomeness blog, Herp’n the Derp. This is a blog dedicated to something a little different than the usual tan tall bimbo or that self-centered ho with almond eyes and pouty lips. (No offense)

My outfits range from blood-stained and dirty to cyborgs to the fantastical creatures and everything in between. Male and female, which I will try and do on and off to be far to both genders!


I’m Pieta Nowles, I used to write for OOC: IC but it has been a while since I have posted. I will post there once again when Eiran returns from his trip(s), but for now this blog is for my in character outfits/roleplay information and out of character and news for fashion and roleplay, think of it as a look book with some news mixed in.


I will write about events/new releases/etc etc but more in the roleplay/roleplay fashion or HOLY MOTHER LOOK AT THIS DEAL COME ON, GET YOUR WALLETS OUT BBY IT’S PERFECT FOR THAT URBAN SIM YOU’VE BEEN SLUMMING AROUND IN. I’ll do free stuff somewhat, since gotta love that free stuff.


I review items for [Contraption] made by the fabulous Faust Steamer and Fluxa Core. I am accepting items currently from other sources, shoot me a notecard if your interested!