The Freebie Looks: Part 2

More hunt goodies, group gifts and a lucky board this time around for the men of second life! First, lets talk skin again. (oh baby) This time around, I’m wearing the newest lucky board skin from Mr. Poet, the Lieber, which is a step above their other skins. The attention to detail of this muscular skin is amazing, I cannot believe this is only a five minute lucky board. It comes with the skin, shape (no mod) and a eyebrow shaper. I’m wearing one of my own shapes with it, so see the rare sight of a manly Pie.

Today’s freebies are a mixture of the seasons hunt gifts which have been blogged to death and group gifts for a winter time look. These jeans are from the Tony group gift from Ydea, and personally my favorite part of the outfit. And I’m channeling a bit of my inner Eiran, by wearing a the freebie female hair gift from :esk-imo. It can be found in one of the little gift boxes strewn around the store.

Style Card:

Hair: esk-imo : Vivi Hair (Dark Blonde) (Freebie from :esk-imo)

Skin: ::Mr.Poet::Lieber skin (Lucky Board from Mr. Poet)

Eyes: eleanor rigby. optics (aztec) (Part of the seasons hunt gift from eleanor.rigby)

Sweater: [Sleepy Eddy] Crew Neck Sweater (maroon) (Seasons hunt gift from Sleepy Eddy)

Vest: Cable Knitting Vest *Light Gray* Body (Seasons hunt gift from [pivaaca])

Belt: ::GB::  loose_belt_Brack Unisex (Group Gift from GABRIEL)

Jeans: Tony jeans (Group Gift from Ydea)

Boots: Willow~ Creek Moccasins (Seasons hunt gift from Willow)


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