Hufflepuff Pride!

Role play stuff today! Hooray! So I recently got approved to play at Hogwarts: Your Story, a wizarding world of Harry Potter themed sim. It was open in the summer for previews, and to show off the amazing accurate build. You are teleported in the Alley Shops at first where you can shop for some Harry Potter themed items for your character or to just wear if you love the series or grab an application for a creature, professor or student.

The role play is only a few months old, but it is well organized and extremely popular with in peak hours twenty plus role players on sim. The official website, found here, has master schedule of all the classes and what level they are, and even social networking aspects. You can also find the rules, which are extremely strict. Yet they have to be being strict. They are trying to be as close to the novels and the role play is at most pg-13. No sexy time here for obvious reasons, underage characters. The other aspect is a easy to post to forum where the mentors/admins ask for suggestions on how to improve the sim and what the players want for events.

From my in-world experience, the roleplay is pretty good. The post length can vary, I have mostly seen semi-paragraph to paragraph roleplayers on the sim and a wide variety of characters. Overall, the sim is well managed, interesting, and friendly. I recommend it to any Harry Potter fan.

As for my characters. I currently only have the shy Erik Fisher, but am working on applying as the little Lisa for when I feel a like being a bit more girly. It was easy to shop for both characters with the on sim shopping and the marketplace. But here a few places you can go to get ready!

Stylecard for Erik:

Hair: *SH* Tamaki2(strawberry)

Glasses: AIR_SLine glasses_silver_CM (Freebie from AIR)

Eyes: ::UH::Tsuya eye(GrayishRgreen) 

Skin:[ plastiline ] – Skin – Ash – Clean Face  (Does not have an in-world store)

Gray Cardigan: [pivaaca] -Homme- Basic Cardigan *Gray*

House Tie: BOTHER.House Ties (Yellow)

White Collared Shirt:  so what?++white Shirt

Trousers: so what?++suit pants

Socks: Besieged Socks – Short – Black/Grey (Store closed D:)

Dress Shoes: HOC Apparel – Formal dress shoes

Stylecard for Lisa:

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Moe” (Amber)

Eyes: ::UH:: Tsuya eye(Rbrown)S

Skin: [PF] Elly <Sugar> – Pure (ltbrow/freck)

Scarf: ~hanamachi~ house of the badger school scarf

Gray House Sweater Vest: *BOOM* House of the Badger vest

House Tie:  BOTHER.House Ties (Yellow)

White Undershirt: -Phoenix Rising- Risk-Shirt Only (White) [Part of the Risk vest set)

Skirt: ~hanamachi~ black pleated badger skirt

Socks: Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Black Sock

Flats: *Classroom* Female Uniform Shoes (Old Freebie, not sure if it still exists but here is the shop that the owner currently runs)


Being Cheap in CheerNo

A mostly freebie/1 L look today than a roleplay look, since CheerNo recently released a new 1 L group gift. To note, the resize scripts in the CheerNo set are not deletable and no mod. And thus I set out today to create an outfit based around the vest part of the outfit. I just wish there were delete or mod option in the script, being low lag is always a wonderful thing.

I popped over to Gabriel and what a surprise when I found a bunch of group gifts and 1 L items I had not seen before, including these amazing boots. There are both black (as seen in the photo) and brown opnions as well a two sets of women’s heels. As usual Gabriel has 50-70% of certain items on sale, it’s always worth the trip!

As for the sake, I had to blog about even if it has been out a while. REPULSE , master of gore and blood, has the perfect thing for the vampire hunter’s hunted. The blood is on multpile layers, even a tattoo one! And it’s only 100L! Worth it for the price, and they have two sets of eyes as a gift for the Dirty Turkey hunt. So grab your clothing layers and prim hair, and teleport over!


Hat: ::GB:: Black hat [Part of a 1 L Gift from GABRIEL]

Hair: …Scars… Gift Koiwai  [Red] [Group Gift from Scars]

Skin: [ plastiline ] skin Rain Clean face [Does not have an in world store]

Eyes: REPULSE  – Posessed Eyes (Normal) [Dirty Turkey Hunt Gift]

Ear Piercings: ::GB:: Group Gift  Achilleus pierce SET [Group Gift from GABRIEL, also comes with a belly piercing]

Shell with Black Cord Necklace: ::GB:: black bead necklace MENS [Group Gift from GABRIEL]

Skull Necklace: »>Poison«< Devastation necklace_male [Group Gift from Poison, lots of gifts for both genders and a midnight madness!]

Stake and chest blood: REPULSE  – Bloody Stake

Vest: a.C  STD.Madame –  Ana Vest [1 L Group Gift from CheerNo]

Tank Top: ::GB::Tribal Tanktop Black [Group Gift from GABRIEL]

Tattoos: !::Wicked Tattoos::i – Protector Tattoo [Lucky Board, has a bunch of different tattoos for the ladies and gentlemen.]

Gloves: ::GB::Leather Gloves [Part of a 1 L Gift from GABRIEL]

Jeans: Kennedy’s Dirty Turkey Hunt Jeans [Comes with an interesting pink dildo/condom  leg strap depending on the gift box you opened, have a bunch of hunt items hidden about]

Boots: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black [Group Gift from GABRIEL]

Sidenote: New background! Finally!

Raiding Bits and Pieces

A character idea outfit today! I have not been feeling super creative with my female forms, I blame all the new male skins I have. Anyway, today is something a little grimmy and dirty. I love the feel of grunge on an avatar, the dirt… the grime… I feel a lot of Second Life clothing is too “clean” and neat, perfect in everyway.

Unless it’s some slutty “torn” wear that doesn’t even look properly beaten up, more like someone was trying to rip it off you, which is nice for the sexually active of us on SL, but I am sure everyone, including us roleplayers want to look like that

When a designer makes a something dirt-stained or ripped and modest: a torn sweater with a sprinkle of dust, a ripped tank top while the rest of it remains instant, etc, I love it. But since there is a huge lack of proper “dirty” clothing on SL, you must mix, match and mod till you find the right look. It must be hard for those who roleplay in apocalyptic or harsh environments to find proper clothing.

So, Here is dark and dirty number for those who a scavenging the barren scape of dirty torn clothing. 

Skin: [PF] Elly <Cream> – Amaterasu (ltbrow)

Blood: REPULSE – Bloodbath Full Body Tattoo (Full Body) 

Hair: Hype – Blake Hair [White]

Goggles: *DL* Kimiko – Goggles – down

Face Mask: *Zanzo* Toxic Spill mask

Hoodie and Spike Bracelets: [DE] Ruin Hoodie Black

Feather Bracelet: ::: B@R ::: Survivor Lady L UpperArm



Gloves: ::: B@R ::: Survivor Lady Gloves

Cleaver: Siden Cleaver (Free item from shooting Ghosts in the hospital at Siden)


Tank Top: ::: B@R ::: Survivor Lady Khaki Jacket

Skirt and Belt: [DE] Ruin Skirt Black


Pouch/Straps: ::: B@R ::: Survivor Lady R UpperLeg

Boots: HOC Apparel – Knee Boots Female – Grunge colors

Little Mister Suspicious

A delayed happy Halloween! [Contraption] has new group gift items out for free from October 30 to November 3-4 (Faust has decided to extend it). This set is called “Mister Suspicious” is quite spooky and perfect for those odd balls out there. The set includes a top hat with a jack-o-latern like design on it, a scarf that looks like a string intrusment and mask where you can see one eye while the rest is shrouded in mystery. Only Contraption could come out with such unique one-of a kind items, better go get it while you still can!

Style Card:

Hat: [ContraptioN] Mister Suspicious Hat (Free limited time group gift from [Contraption] )

Hair: *Dura* &[LANEVO] Collabo G-gift(BKxBLD) [Part of the Collabo Hunt for Dura and Lanevo, ended on the 31st not sure if it is still up]

Eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Never.More eyes -summer- (Free group gift from

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. MiChi boy01

Mask: [ContraptioN] Mister Suspicious Mask (Free limited time group gift from [Contraption] )

Earrings: [MANDALA] SOUL Ear Piercing/Silver

Scarf: [ContraptioN] Mister Suspicious Scarf (Free limited time group gift from [Contraption] )

Vest: ::[Mr. Poet]:: Vest_Brown/Shirt

Dirty Shirt: ::: B@R ::: Airship Mechanic Dirty Shirt

Gloves: ::: B@R ::: Airship Mechanic Gloves

Dirt: ViGo – Dirty all Over

Belt: ED – Nemesis – Belt – Ebon [small]

Pants: ::: B@R ::: Romeo Pants

Boots: Super Possessed – Engineer’s Boots

Layer All The Things!

One of the greatest additions to Second Life in the past year and nine months I’ve been here has to be the allowance of multiple layers of clothing. My personal favorite is to mash tattoo layers together, as you can see here! Currently, the max is 3-4 layers of “clothing” per time, hopefully it will expand to more layers, I’d love to wear even more tattoos. 

Speaking of tattoos, Vitani, owned of ni.ju, has been busy lately! She has been releasing tons of new items for her store in the few past weeks, including the Amped piercing and tattoo set, and the Red Panda Colors Eye set and make up (tattoo layer) set which are seen on my punky character avatar, Gig. (Yes, Gig is a natural blond thus the blond eyebrows, damn kids and there crazy hair-dying ways!) [The eyes of the Red Panda set are not seen here.] There is a free verison of the Red Panda make up in a color not released in store,  but it is only accessible by joining the ni.ju group and checking the notices.

It’s a free group to join and Vitani is generous, giving out group gifts and notices about her new releases frequently. As for the Amped set, it is a round two item for Perfect Wardrobe, the theme being music this round, lots of cool stuff for low low prices if you have not been. 

While I was on the perfect wardrobe sim, I dropped by the mainstore and picked up this amazing group gift eyes which has a nice speckled look in them while still remaining a little animalistic looking with the silt pupil. Worth the trip if you ask me, it comes with a more normal verison as well, and a few other gifts laying about. And thats all for now!

Style Card:

Hair: +BM+ hea-hea-hair  Black (Freebie from BLACK MARIA)

Skin: [PF] Elly <Cream> – Amaterasu

Eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Never.More eyes -vampire- (Free group gift from

Tattoos: 1. :[P]:– Demon Fades- Full-Black-Aurah II

2. [ni.ju] Makeup – Red Panda . original

3. [ni.ju] Makeup – Amped [You have to go to the Perfect Wardrobe area on the sim to get this item!]

Piercings: [ni.ju] Amped Piercing . lip, [ni.ju] Amped Piercing . nose02 [You have to go to the Perfect Wardrobe area on the sim to get this item!]

Necklace: < Yabusaka > Winged Crystal Necklace (OxidizedSilver)

Vest: :sey R & D G15 (Free group gift from :sey)

T-shirt: [ATOMIC] Rising Sun_Silver

Belt: :SEYLoke belt/M (Free group gift from :sey)

Jeans: ::LikeA:: DENIM “WILD WIND 2” BLACK

Boots: Violent Seduction – Corset Boot (Free group gift from Violent Seduction, 250 L fee to join group)