Layer All The Things!

One of the greatest additions to Second Life in the past year and nine months I’ve been here has to be the allowance of multiple layers of clothing. My personal favorite is to mash tattoo layers together, as you can see here! Currently, the max is 3-4 layers of “clothing” per time, hopefully it will expand to more layers, I’d love to wear even more tattoos. 

Speaking of tattoos, Vitani, owned of ni.ju, has been busy lately! She has been releasing tons of new items for her store in the few past weeks, including the Amped piercing and tattoo set, and the Red Panda Colors Eye set and make up (tattoo layer) set which are seen on my punky character avatar, Gig. (Yes, Gig is a natural blond thus the blond eyebrows, damn kids and there crazy hair-dying ways!) [The eyes of the Red Panda set are not seen here.] There is a free verison of the Red Panda make up in a color not released in store,  but it is only accessible by joining the ni.ju group and checking the notices.

It’s a free group to join and Vitani is generous, giving out group gifts and notices about her new releases frequently. As for the Amped set, it is a round two item for Perfect Wardrobe, the theme being music this round, lots of cool stuff for low low prices if you have not been. 

While I was on the perfect wardrobe sim, I dropped by the mainstore and picked up this amazing group gift eyes which has a nice speckled look in them while still remaining a little animalistic looking with the silt pupil. Worth the trip if you ask me, it comes with a more normal verison as well, and a few other gifts laying about. And thats all for now!

Style Card:

Hair: +BM+ hea-hea-hair  Black (Freebie from BLACK MARIA)

Skin: [PF] Elly <Cream> – Amaterasu

Eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Never.More eyes -vampire- (Free group gift from

Tattoos: 1. :[P]:– Demon Fades- Full-Black-Aurah II

2. [ni.ju] Makeup – Red Panda . original

3. [ni.ju] Makeup – Amped [You have to go to the Perfect Wardrobe area on the sim to get this item!]

Piercings: [ni.ju] Amped Piercing . lip, [ni.ju] Amped Piercing . nose02 [You have to go to the Perfect Wardrobe area on the sim to get this item!]

Necklace: < Yabusaka > Winged Crystal Necklace (OxidizedSilver)

Vest: :sey R & D G15 (Free group gift from :sey)

T-shirt: [ATOMIC] Rising Sun_Silver

Belt: :SEYLoke belt/M (Free group gift from :sey)

Jeans: ::LikeA:: DENIM “WILD WIND 2” BLACK

Boots: Violent Seduction – Corset Boot (Free group gift from Violent Seduction, 250 L fee to join group)


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