Being Cheap in CheerNo

A mostly freebie/1 L look today than a roleplay look, since CheerNo recently released a new 1 L group gift. To note, the resize scripts in the CheerNo set are not deletable and no mod. And thus I set out today to create an outfit based around the vest part of the outfit. I just wish there were delete or mod option in the script, being low lag is always a wonderful thing.

I popped over to Gabriel and what a surprise when I found a bunch of group gifts and 1 L items I had not seen before, including these amazing boots. There are both black (as seen in the photo) and brown opnions as well a two sets of women’s heels. As usual Gabriel has 50-70% of certain items on sale, it’s always worth the trip!

As for the sake, I had to blog about even if it has been out a while. REPULSE , master of gore and blood, has the perfect thing for the vampire hunter’s hunted. The blood is on multpile layers, even a tattoo one! And it’s only 100L! Worth it for the price, and they have two sets of eyes as a gift for the Dirty Turkey hunt. So grab your clothing layers and prim hair, and teleport over!


Hat: ::GB:: Black hat [Part of a 1 L Gift from GABRIEL]

Hair: …Scars… Gift Koiwai  [Red] [Group Gift from Scars]

Skin: [ plastiline ] skin Rain Clean face [Does not have an in world store]

Eyes: REPULSE  – Posessed Eyes (Normal) [Dirty Turkey Hunt Gift]

Ear Piercings: ::GB:: Group Gift  Achilleus pierce SET [Group Gift from GABRIEL, also comes with a belly piercing]

Shell with Black Cord Necklace: ::GB:: black bead necklace MENS [Group Gift from GABRIEL]

Skull Necklace: »>Poison«< Devastation necklace_male [Group Gift from Poison, lots of gifts for both genders and a midnight madness!]

Stake and chest blood: REPULSE  – Bloody Stake

Vest: a.C  STD.Madame –  Ana Vest [1 L Group Gift from CheerNo]

Tank Top: ::GB::Tribal Tanktop Black [Group Gift from GABRIEL]

Tattoos: !::Wicked Tattoos::i – Protector Tattoo [Lucky Board, has a bunch of different tattoos for the ladies and gentlemen.]

Gloves: ::GB::Leather Gloves [Part of a 1 L Gift from GABRIEL]

Jeans: Kennedy’s Dirty Turkey Hunt Jeans [Comes with an interesting pink dildo/condom  leg strap depending on the gift box you opened, have a bunch of hunt items hidden about]

Boots: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black [Group Gift from GABRIEL]

Sidenote: New background! Finally!


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