Hufflepuff Pride!

Role play stuff today! Hooray! So I recently got approved to play at Hogwarts: Your Story, a wizarding world of Harry Potter themed sim. It was open in the summer for previews, and to show off the amazing accurate build. You are teleported in the Alley Shops at first where you can shop for some Harry Potter themed items for your character or to just wear if you love the series or grab an application for a creature, professor or student.

The role play is only a few months old, but it is well organized and extremely popular with in peak hours twenty plus role players on sim. The official website, found here, has master schedule of all the classes and what level they are, and even social networking aspects. You can also find the rules, which are extremely strict. Yet they have to be being strict. They are trying to be as close to the novels and the role play is at most pg-13. No sexy time here for obvious reasons, underage characters. The other aspect is a easy to post to forum where the mentors/admins ask for suggestions on how to improve the sim and what the players want for events.

From my in-world experience, the roleplay is pretty good. The post length can vary, I have mostly seen semi-paragraph to paragraph roleplayers on the sim and a wide variety of characters. Overall, the sim is well managed, interesting, and friendly. I recommend it to any Harry Potter fan.

As for my characters. I currently only have the shy Erik Fisher, but am working on applying as the little Lisa for when I feel a like being a bit more girly. It was easy to shop for both characters with the on sim shopping and the marketplace. But here a few places you can go to get ready!

Stylecard for Erik:

Hair: *SH* Tamaki2(strawberry)

Glasses: AIR_SLine glasses_silver_CM (Freebie from AIR)

Eyes: ::UH::Tsuya eye(GrayishRgreen) 

Skin:[ plastiline ] – Skin – Ash – Clean Face  (Does not have an in-world store)

Gray Cardigan: [pivaaca] -Homme- Basic Cardigan *Gray*

House Tie: BOTHER.House Ties (Yellow)

White Collared Shirt:  so what?++white Shirt

Trousers: so what?++suit pants

Socks: Besieged Socks – Short – Black/Grey (Store closed D:)

Dress Shoes: HOC Apparel – Formal dress shoes

Stylecard for Lisa:

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Moe” (Amber)

Eyes: ::UH:: Tsuya eye(Rbrown)S

Skin: [PF] Elly <Sugar> – Pure (ltbrow/freck)

Scarf: ~hanamachi~ house of the badger school scarf

Gray House Sweater Vest: *BOOM* House of the Badger vest

House Tie:  BOTHER.House Ties (Yellow)

White Undershirt: -Phoenix Rising- Risk-Shirt Only (White) [Part of the Risk vest set)

Skirt: ~hanamachi~ black pleated badger skirt

Socks: Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Black Sock

Flats: *Classroom* Female Uniform Shoes (Old Freebie, not sure if it still exists but here is the shop that the owner currently runs)


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