A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

Oscar Wilde

Playing around in Second Life, I discovered an interesting moon-like setting. I grabbed one of my original characters that I’ve been working on (and figuring out where to play) and decided to snap a few pictures. Meet Dalan, one of my more modern realm characters.


Dalan is the the result of what happened when a moon elf and a drowess have a little too much fun at the local shady bar. After discovering that she was with child, Dalan’s mother seeked his father. She heard that he stayed out of the underground city, living in the woods like all those damn hippy elves did. It took a few hours of wandering the woods outside the underground city, but she finally managed to locate the sneaky elf. What else was he doing but moonbathing in the nude. She yelled at him, starling the poor drowsy elf and told him that she was pregnant with his child. The elf was bewildered by the idea, the shock clearly illuminated on his features. The drowess crept forward and demanded to know what they were going to do.

Dalan’s father simply slid off the mosey rock he was resting on, and moved towards her. He stood over her, speaking his calm voice and told her it was simple, to keep the child, and if she did not want it… that he would take care of the babe. Dalan’s mother snorted and said she would keep the child, who had heard of an male elf raising a true man? Which was a view Dalan’s father did not agree with…

After an hour or so of arguing about whose culture was manlier, the two came up with an agreement, every three years they would switch off taking care of the child and teaching it about their very different ways. They would only keep in touch to know where the other was when it was time to swap. 

Growing up was… interesting for the half moon elf. He felt conflicted, taught different things by two very opposite cultures’. Due to this, Dalan mostly kept to himself and far away from other elfkin/drowkin except when forced to by one of his parents.

When he reach the age of fourteen, Dalan had discovered that he had a knack for herbology, and potion-making. His father didn’t agree with such ways. He did not want his son to be a sissy flower-picking potion-maker or one of those healing doctors. He thought it was time to teach his son about some of the old ways. That  night he took Dalan out to teach the ways of the hunter, and the art of the bow and arrow.

As the years progressed, Dalan became a skilled huntsman much to his father’s delight. But, he still longed to learn more about the great mother goddess and her flora. It took a few years to figure out what he would do… and finally came up with a plan. On his thirty third birthday, left in the the broad daylight.

Cloaked from head to foot with his bow at his side and not a single copper to his name, it was not going to be easy for the young hybrid. The journey was rough, and the landscape was ever changing. From forest, to dessert to swamp, he learned the hardships of the land and tried his best to live off it. That was until he came across a new land… this one different than his home and any of the lands he had seen before. It was a bustling human city, with tall metal buildings that seemed to go on forever and tons of strange and interesting creatures, some who smelled funny.

He eyes grew wider and wider as he wandered about this strange new land, seeing things he had never seen before like large metal containers that moved people! As he gaped at such devices, he got many odd looks thanks to his traditional get up. It did not take long before Dalan found a nice wooden crate to call home and started to look for a place to earn a few silver.

It took a while, till his goddess smiled upon him. A crazed seelie fae, by the name of Jih, took him in. She cleaned him up and helped find work as a dishwasher at the local seedy tavern.

Dalan is quiet, a loner at best. When confronted with social interaction, he can seem aloof and distant. Easily embarrassed due to his lack of social contact except with his family, the elf seems rather… strange. However, talk to him about the right subject and he may open right up.


Hair: [LCKY] – Luce – Snow

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY – 2012 September Group gift (Free! Just join the group!)

Ears: [Gauze] – High Elf Ear =Jewelry:Bane= Drow

Eyes: Clemmm – Sky Glaze

Jacket: …Scars… – Slim Long Coat [Black]

Shirt: RONSEM* – Stitch TEE / gray

Collar: ::: B@R ::: – Spellbound of Darkness – Collar

Handtape: Nomine Gloves – taped long

Jeans: [-Buried-] –  Everyday Jeans #Black (Store no longer exists. D: ) 

Shoes: **DECO – MESH Classic Sneaks (black)**


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