The Rose Knight

And after real life steals me away with school and visiting family! I bring you a knight! But, not just any knight but an armor-clad lolita. Let’s go look shall we!

I’ve been wanting to use parts of the mesh Iron Maiden outfit from Bare Rose for a while to make a lolita knight but I never could find the right armor for her. (I did not like the torso part of the outfit.) That was till I was browsing De La Soul and saw the Valiant Armor in the silver shade.

After a little tinting, it worked out pretty good I think! I really like the sword and shield and the fact they are scripted with an animated pose in them. It’s perfect for roleplaying a fight scene or taking a few photos. 


Outfit Details:

Hair: Rosymood Hair – Sweet Buns – Custard (modified) 

Helmet: DLS – Valiant – Helm – Crested – Silver

Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY – Jung02 – Salmon

Eyes: [The Plastik] – Vae Collection – Crystal

Eye Makeup: [ni.ju] – RMK Opening Gift – Red Panda – pure black

Face Mask: VIKA DESIGN – Face Mask

Collar: Bare Rose – Mercenary Lady T2 Collar

Shoulder Guards and Chest-piece: DLS – Valiant Armor – Silver

Navy Shirt: DLS – Celtic Tunic – Slate (modifed) 

Brown Corset: ViGo – Lucy – Gray

Belt: ViGo – Tom – Brown (modifed) 

Skirt: Bare Rose – Iron Maid Skirt

Arm Guards: DLS – Valiant Armor – Silver

Gloves: Bare Rose – Iron Maid Gloves

Sword and Shield: DLS -Valiant – Thorne Sword and Shield – Silver

Ring: *GField* – Rose Lace Gloves Ring – White (tinted)

Shorts: Bare Rose – Mountain Elf Pants – Blue

Stockings: League! – Ella Stockings – Bolds – Blue (tinted)

Boots: DLS – Valiant Armor – Silver