Let’s talk about variety of avatar body shapes for a moment before we get to the good stuff. My avatar’s shapes vary depending on the character I’m playing at the time.I could be: muscular, fat, thin, stocky., thick, tall, short, skinny, petite, male, female, trap, dick girl, whatever. But, for out of character looks, I usually pick more androgynous shapes. I just find an appeal in girlish boyish, boyish girls and the line between the two sexes. However, it is harder and harder to keep up with this look with the addition of rigged mesh. Standard sizing is great… if you can fit into it.

Surely there are great stores that caters to the femboy or flat chested girl like POMF, Apricot Paws, Bare Rose and Unsung but the variety is lacking. Maybe that’s why I still love texture clothes and scuplties for somethings!

Anyway! The look of today is brought to you by ::[annaA]:: Body Stuff. They have two 99L skins out at the SYS (Structure Your Skin) Project event for November. They are called called Jill and Jan, Jill being the female skin and Jan her femboy counterpart which I am wearing. I saw the skin and instantly ran to find it and love it! And for 99 L who can complain! She also has appliers for those whose want dem big Lola titties, Phat booties, SLink Feets and Hands or Loud Mouth Lips to match!

Get it while you can! Only lasts till November 27th!

Take the magic teleport to SYS Project Event


Hair (Black and White): MONSTER – Talon. Bullet Park

Hair (Silver) *Drot* – Kellin2.0- Silver

Eyes: Clemmm – Fract Eyes – Purple

Skin: ::[annaA]:: Skin “Jan” – disease –

Snake bites: [ni.Ju] Snake Bites – Simple V2 (mouth) (Freebie)


Neck Tattoo: MONSTER – The boy’s Heart stopped [Ink]

Cross Necklace: Fusion: Cord Necklace (Old Group Gift)

Choker: +:+WTG+:+ – **C flat** choker (old group gift)

Bracelet: .HoD. – The Prayer of Forgiveness Bracelet

Vest: …Scars…Best [Wine]

Grey Tee : RONSEM* Stitch TEE / gray

Armwarmers: =Razorblade Jaclet= Arm Warmers /// Plain Black

Texture Armwarmers: ISON – leather arm warmers (black)

Belt and Suspenders: *~MM’s~* –  BlackBase-W-Belt+Suspenders(pelvis)

Pants: …Scars…Design Pants [Black]

Sneakers: DECO – MESH Classic Sneaks small (black)


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