Is this real or is it fantasy?

Is this real

Vinyl, robots and corsets! Oh my!

Thanks to the current roleplay sim project I have been working on with some friends, I have been feeling extremely cyberpunk as of late. And maybe listening to Deadmau5 has not been helping. You’ll learn more about that project when it’s fully fleshed out. But for now, I bring you my “fembot” outfit or it’s also known as “that really PVC cyberpunk sexual bdsm outfit you have”.

The deets:


Hair: ploom – Henna – Candy
Eyes: Sugarpill – iSense Eyes – Aurora
Eye Lashes: Candy Mountain – . Falsies . – . Dolly Falsies .
Eye Shadow: A:S:S – Rockstar eyeshadow – 80’s
Skin: .daemora – Anniah (brows/boobs)
Lipstick: :esk-imo: – Lip Gloss Type 3 Freaky Pack – Dark Magenta
Ears: [NeurolaB Inc.] – Sensiva Ears
BDSM Collar: Violent Seduction – BDSM Collar (Old Group Gift!)
Fishnet Top: RGDW – Wrestling Fishnet Suit – Black
Silver Top: BareRose – Mercenary Lady T2 – Silver Top
Black Top: Pixeldolls – (Hai! Nakama) PlugSuit – Black
Vinyl Corset: A&Y – Victorian Vinyl Corset
Armor Plating: =110prims= – CA01K – Black
Black Gloves: BareRose – Mercenary Lady T2 – Gloves
Fishnet Gloves: >:*LOULOU&CO*:. – Lolita – Black
Pink Armwarmers: Insanya – Lace Me Armwarmers – Pink
Riding Crop: [Profanity Inc] – Riding Crop
Skirt: ~Sassy!~ – Spank Me vinyl skirt – black
Pink Stockings and Garters: Insanya – LaceMe Garter Belt and Socks – Pink
Fishnet Stockings: Ducknipple – Fishnet Stockings (Part of the Leo Dress outfit)
Black Leggings: Pixeldolls – (Hai! Nakama) PlugSuit – Black
Boots: Violent Seduction – Corset Boot (Old Group Gift!)


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