Raised By Wolves

Raised By Wolves

Leather never goes out of style.

I’ve been playing around in my inventory a lot lately since I am currently not roleplaying anywhere. Character designs have been rolling around in my head and my poor wallet has been suffering for it. Today I give you one of my concepts, a tracker & huntsman by the name of Gavin.

Bigger photo is here.


The details:

Hair: LightStar – Darin – Black-Onyx (Tinted)
Skin: .Birdy – Leo – Toffee
Eyes: Clemmm – Bronze Glass
Face Scar: Lar’s Workshop – Face Claw Marks and Scars
Face Fuzz: Fruk – The Stinger Beard – Black
Face Stubble: Elysium – Elias (Comes with the Elias skin)
Harness with Quiver & Top: Elispe Eclipse Development – Tracker – Woodland
Arm Bracers and Shin Bracer: !! DragansVarg !! – Sly – Brown
Gloves: (Quality Designs) – Street Thief
Bow: BareRose – Mountain Elf (Modded)
Belt with Knife & Thigh Knife: Elispe Designs – Tracker – Woodland
Pants: Elispe Development,- Nemesis – Ebon (Tinted)
Boots: (Quality Designs) – Street Thief


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