Tartan & Pierced



Piercings, tartan scarves and cat sweaters, two looks for one post? Fancy that!

Two casual looks for me today, I couldn’t decide between these two of which I wanted to post first so why not both!

For my ladies’ outfit today, I’m rocking one of the newest released from Cubic Cherry Kre-tions, an adorable little tartan scarf with pins and chains. I adore it, I’ve been looking for a scarf in SL that was this nice of a quality but never found one… until today! It’s fully mod and meshed so so you can play with the color of the scarf. (I tinted mine a bit redder to match my skirt.) And, it is completely unisex, perfect for the guys too. So if you are looking for a little extra tartan to your wardrobe, head over to CCK!

For my men’s outfit, I decided I needed some new piercings and recently wandered over to a place I have not been to in a dog’s age, Haus of Darcy. As I have grown older, I have gotten more into body modification and piercings in both real life and second life especially lip piercings. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to HoD. They have a variety of different piercings, including both facial and body, and offer an array of colors when you purchase your piercings from them. AND, the piercings are mod, so if you do not desire a certain part of the piercing you can easily remove it or hide it.

I had to modify the piercing to fit my current avatar’s face in this but, it only took a few moments. Another thing that appeals to me is that they actually have piercing backs to their piercings! A little realism that goes a long way. And I enjoy metal that is not magically floating in my face.


I am wearing two of their group gifts, the Slither and Fire in the Water, both of which come in colors options. (Slither has 3, Fire in the Water has 12). The group is a one time pay free of 100 L and the gifts are 50 L each, which is quite cheap for piercings in SL. I highly recommend joining the group if you want some amazing face or body metal.

Full photos are found here, here and here.

And now for the details!


Hair: .ploom – Kelsey – Dipped 2
Skin: ::Mother Goose:: – Minky 035
Eyes: Clemmm – Dolly Eyes – Black
Scarf: C.C. Kre-ations – {Talaparola} – Original Mesh Scarf
Sweater: Chemistry – ZOE SWEATER SHIRT – Meow
Undershirt: jane. – intrinsic tank – bk raven (subscribo gift)
Gloves: BareRose – Firestarter
Hair Scrunchies: Edelweiss – Chouchou – Checkered beige, Edelweiss – Chouchou
– Stripe Brown (tinted both)
Skirt: HOC – Pleated Skirt (tinted)
Socks: MIEL – LO REFURBISHED SOCKS – multi/ebony
Boots: Death Row Designs – Worn Combats – Female (free on the marketplace)

Hair: Burley – Noah – Platinum 01 (Tinted)
Skin: .birdy – Gaberiel Skin V2 – Porcelaine
Eyes: Clemmm – Glass Eyes – White
Piercings: Haus of Darcy – Slither – Part 1 – Razor (Group gift)
Necklace: [MANDALA] – Soul Necklace – Male – Silver
Jacket: [hoornabeak] – Miltary Jacket – Brown
Gloves: +Grasp+ – Biker Gloves – Black (Group gift)
Shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= – Baseball Shirt – Black/Gray (Old hunt item)
Belt: *Blitzed* – Legacy Belt – Black
Jeans: RONSEM* – Black Jeans
Shoes: DECO – Classic Sneakers – Black


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