White Rose Elven Maiden

Vendui’! Creosamin arwen en’ nim’cartel.


Translation: Hail! Welcome my lady of the white rose.

Another thing that has happened as I’ve roleplay more, I’ve moved away from playing humans and more into elves. Kylar’s been a refreshing and fun character to play and made me see elves in a different way. While playing him, I learned a little of how to write elven, or least one of the many forms thanks to The Grey Company. My elven is far from perfect but, it’s been an interesting experience trying to learn!

Today’s look is a pure elven maiden, one who treks through the lightly forest and travels on her own whim. Free and curious.

Full picture on flickr.


The details:

Crown: **Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S crown
Veil: [Wishbox] – Alisandra – Veil
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Sebastianne Mesh Hair – Iceberg
Skin: *MY UGLYDORTHY* – 2012 August Group gift
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* – Elfin Ears
Eyes: Clemmm – White Glass
Upper Necklace: *~*Illusions*~* – Ninya Necklace
Lower Necklace: **Angelwing** – Coin Silks White – necklace
Upper Sleeve: [Wishbox] – Alisandra – Shoulder
Bodice Ruffle: [Wishbox] – Alisandra – Bust
Bodice: [Wishbox] – Alisandra – Bodice
Upper Shirt: **Angelwing** – Adorabelle White – top
Mask: *~*Illusions*~* – Curiata Mask
Armlet: **Angelwing** – Adorabelle White – armbands
Gloves: *GField* – Rose Lace Gloves Long -white-
Rose Skirt: [Wishbox] – Alisandra – Rosettes
Petal Skirt: **Angelwing** – Trixy White Dress – shorter skirt
Leggings: *GField* – Rose Lace Leggings – (Mid) -white-
Legband: **Angelwing** – Adorabelle White – legband
Upper Anklet: **Angelwing** – Adorabelle White – anklet
Lower Anklet: **Angelwing** – Coin Silks White – anklet
Feet: SLink – Exotix Natural Barefeet


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