The Hunter


Character outfit today!

I’m am currently on vacation visiting a certain someone in Texas, so please excuse any delays.

I am wearing an outfit which is a mixture of Gavin and someone new for a medieval RP sim. He’s a nomadic elf who belongs to a large clan, rather serious or so he seems thanks to his poor common skills. I have to thank Rofine, aka grammaticalerror Resident, for my lovely tattoos. She’s been making individual clan tattoos for each character and making each one match the character.  Next post will be a full review on her tattoos, so please stay tuned!

The Details:

Hair: *LightStar – Hair – Darin-Brown – Coco (tinted)
Eyes: {s0ng} – Doll Eyes – Sky Eyes
Skin: .birdy – Gaberiel Skin V2 – ~Porcelaine~
Tattoos: You Might Feel A Prick – Ainion Tattoo (tinted) (special, may be released!)
Long Feather Earring: Yasyn’s Odds and Ends – Pheasant Feather Earring – Right
White Stone Necklace: .:ellabella:. – Aqueous (Moonstone) (old hunt item)
Raven Necklace: ~Refined Wild~ – Pewter Totem Necklace – RAVEN
Brown Collar & High Collar: {Quality Designs} – Tunic Rulf (Brown)
Prim Sleeves + Vials + Harness + Brown Sleeves: Eclipse Devlopment – Tracker – Harness – Woodland
Ripped Sleeves: {Quality Designs} – shirt * Atgur
Arm Bracers: DragansVarg – Sly forearm armor
Gloves: {Quality Designs} – Street Thief Gloves
Mesh Tunic: Kahli Designs – Villager – Tunic – Green
Backpack: Jakule Imports – Leather Backpack
Belt: Eclipse Development – Tracker – Woodland
Sword: First Act = Eagle Wing – Machete – Sheath
Bow: Primus – Kar’uk Bow – Small – Dark
Left Knife: Eclipse Development – Tracker – Woodland
Pants: Eclipse Development – Soveregin – Pants – Ebon/wood (tinted)
Boots: *Lightstar – Assassin Boots – Faded Black (tinted)


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