The Performer


Tattoo’ed circus performer for you and a tattoo review!

In my last post, I was wearing some work in progress tattoos from You Might Feel a Prick. Today, I am wearing a completed tattoo by Rofine (grammaticalerror resident) called Fantasy Woad. I have been in love with Rofine’s tattoo ever since she made her first one. The thinness of the lines, the use of positive and negative space, the natural inks (for her fantasy tattoos) and the location of lines on the flesh all are excellent in her tattoos.  They are reminiscent of Fallen Gods’ tattoos but, most of them are tintable and all are mod.


In the Fantasy Woad package, it comes with three options: the full, just the face, and just the chest and back pieces. Allowing you to wear it with other tattoos if  you desire. I am currently wearing the full tattoo in this outfit. And for 100 L, it really is worth the price! Just click this link and you’ll be magically transported to the marketplace.

The Details:

Hair: [LCKY] – Arie – Netural Pack (tinted)
Hair Base: *LightStar – HairBase – White – Snow (tinted) (comes with any lightstar hair)
Hair pin: Air – Kanzashi1 H (gatcha item)
Blindfold: Air – Blind13_Rose1_TM (tinted) (gatcha item)
Eyes: CLEMMM – Dolly Eyes – Gray
Eye Lashes: Candy Mountain – Falsies – . Moody Falsies .
Skin: ROZENA – ~Yuri~ – Cream – Sunshine
Tattoo: ~YMFaP – Fantasy Woad (tinted darker)
Gloves: BareRose – Light Leather Armor – Blue Gloves
Arm Pads: BareRose – Light Leather Armor – Blue ForeArm
Tunic: BareRose – Romeo Lady Act II – Blue Top
Shorts: BareRose – Mountain Elf – Blue Pants
Knee Pads: BareRose – Light Leather Armor – Blue LowerLeg
Socks: BareRose – Light Leather Armor – Blue Socks
Boots: *LightStar – Medieval Boots – Faded Black


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