Fish scales and Mermaid Tails


Into the deep with a scavenger mermaid avatar.

New item releases, previews, and cheapies ahoy!

Wearing a lot of accessories today and lots to talk about!

First, lets go with the preview item I am wearing from C.C. Kreations. It is the beautiful wooden staff on my back, a gatcha item for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. It’s called the Exile~ and there are five commons and two rares, 50 L per play! It comes with three different ways to wear it, in both hands (with holding animations) and on your back. So you don’t have to worry about modding it into your hands or on your back.

Also, you can see it’s materials enabled, which adds that lovely detail to the texture and a slight shine. It’s excellent detail yet simple design makes it really perfect for a more tribal or traveler character, even a wizard. For more information about the event, click here for the blog and here for the flickr group.

For new releases, I am wearing the newest mesh hair from LCKY. It’s a long wavy style that is rigged amazingly and comes with two options: a full hair (the one I am wearing) and a half shaved version. However, it does not include a hairbase, so make sure you have a tintable one or one that matches. Now for the highlight of my outfit, the newest mesh tail from Cynefin.



This beautiful mesh tail stands out from it’s competitors not because it’s beautifully textured with gradating scales and well rigged, but because the ENTIRE tail is mesh. Unlike other mesh tail that still have flexi parts, like the =LunaSea= Dragon Sea tail, the Ningya tail is from top to tip mesh with differentiating thickness (as you can see in the picture). It truly is a work of art and you don’t have to worry about those darn texture glitches.

For cheapies and freebies, I found some great stuff! Like *R+a*’s pearl necklace called =SIZUKU= for 10 L. They have a variety of jewelry items for 0L-10L, worth a look. Take this link there to check it out. I also used Lil Things’ Long Necklace Anchor, which is very appropriate and cute. They also have a lot of cheapie accessories that range from 1 L to 75 L. Take this link to head over! And if you need some not so expensive mermaid accessories or a free mermaid tail, head to The Siren’s Lair. They have some 10 L items for mermaids/merman, like the gills I am wearing, that are fully mod. Great for tinting.

And that’s all for today, here are the details.


The Details:

Hair Pin: +Panda Express+ – Sirens Hair Pin
Hair: [LCKY] – Mori – DIPPPP (tinted)
Eyes: Ibanez – Aquaglow – Angelfish
Skin: The Plastik – Astrali Skin – Basic – Calypso – Scales II (old fifty linden friday item)
Extra Body Scales: :[Even~Tide]: – Dragon Monochrome Set –  Dragon White (tinted)
Back Scales: =Luna Sea= – Mer Outfit – Laguna/Aqua – scales
Ears: +Panda Express+ – Sirens Ears Plain (tinted)
Ear Fins: Butt Fins: *TSL* – Realistic Gills – Behind Ears (tinted)
Ear Feathers: [CheerNo] – NATIVE Pataxos – Feathers
Eye shadow: KOSH – Flunk Eyeshadow Set – Frog Princess (old hunt item)
Lightning Facial Scarring: +Fallen Gods+ – GROM – Left Eye
Face Fins: *TSL* – Realistic Gills – Jaw (tinted)
Staff: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. – Exile~ – Earth’s Key – Common staff
Neck Gills: *TSL* – Realistic Gills – Collar (tinted)
Net Top: Alyce – Net Top (tinted)
Modesty Top:  =Luna Sea= – Mer Outfit – Dragon – Top Modest
Bead Harness: LUAS – Dina – White
Cord Necklace: *~*Illusions*~* – Cord Wraps – Cord Necklace
Stone and Bone Choker: [Lost Haven] – Amazon Warrior – Black
Pearl Necklace: *R+a* – Necklace =SIZUKU=
Pouch Necklace: AMU – Medicine Pouch!
Anchor Necklace:  Lil Things –  Long Necklace Anchor
Leather Elbow Protector: +Fallen Gods+ – Scarab (old lucky fortune item)
Bone and Feather Armlet: [Lost Haven] – Amazon Warrior – Black
Holed Rusty Coin Armlet: LUAS – Dina – White
Leather Wristband: +Fallen Gods+ – Scarab (old lucky fortune item)
Pearl Flower Bracelets:  *GField* – Pearl Set “Blossom” – Bracelets – White
Brown Bead Bracelets: *League* – Wanderer Jewellery Set
Cord Bracelets: *~*Illusions*~* – Cord Wraps – Cord Bracelets
Arm Fades: [ni.ju] – tinted fades for claws – medium  or white claws – medium (tinted)
Finger Glow:  +Fallen Gods Inc+ – ELEMENTAL glowing hands – TURQUOISE
Scissor Hand: RO – Scissorhands
Bead Belt: LUAS – Dina – White
Hip Fins: *TSL* – Realistic Gills – Hips (tinted)
Butt Fins: *TSL* – Realistic Gills – Lower Back (tinted)
Tail: ~ Cynefin ~ – Mermaid Form: Ningya – Aqua


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