The Fingersnatcher

Finger-licking Good

Bloody browncoats and cannibalistic tendencies for you today, and a teaser of a new contraption item.

Feelin’ a little gory today. Thought, I would also like to talk about the new [ContraptioN] update. Putting two and two together seemed like the perfect idea, and now here we are!

If you may not know, I do “work” for Contraption. Not as a blogger but, I help out as a staff member with the customer service aspects or answer questions in the group chat (but typically either Shin, Flux, Faust or Nami will beat me to it). If you know of Contraption or follow it, you know that there will be large release of items soon.


The mask I am wearing, called the Cannibals, is one of these new items. It originally was released for the 2013 Horrorfest (with a color that will not be re-released). It will be available in six different colors (original, gold, violet, fabulous, ocean & leaf) and comes with three different mouth styles within the package AND two different textures options (bloody and non). Another additional broken style is included as well and has the two texture options perfect to wear along, with one of the famous [ContraptioN] grins. It will be sold for 250 L, like all [ContraptioN] masks and will be available in the main store soon.

And that’s all I can say for now!


The Details:

Hair 1: [taketomi] – Ryu – No Mesh Hair Base – Platinum 2 (modded slightly)
Hair 2: [taketomi] – Akio – Platinum 2 (modded slightly)
Blindfold: -J.I.N.X- – Bloody Blind Fold (old hunt item)
Mask: [ContraptioN] – The Cannibals – Gold Broken 2
Face + Neck Blood: REPULSE – Slaughter
Neck Dirt: Vigo – Dirt All Over
Mouth + Mouth Blood Drips: [ContraptioN] – Demon’s Grin
Bag: DECO – Fingersnatcher Bag
Belt: [hoorenbeek] – Mesh Pants – Brown Belt (tinted)
Hand Blood: REPULSE – Slaughter
Jacket: the muses – Redemption – Brown
Shirt Blood: REPULSE – Bloodbath
Vest: Nomine – SteamPunk Amon Vests – Rust
Shirt + Neck Tie: Super Possesed – The Engineer
Leg Straps: Super Possesed – The Engineer
Leg Blood: REPULSE – Bloodbath
Pants: [Iruco] – Rolled-up Pants – Gray (modded cuffs and tinted cuffs)
Boots: DECO – Paraboots – Caution


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