How can you be so flawless… A colorful collision today!

I bring a ladies’ character look which is inspired by Steven Universe, which is an amazing show if you are into Adventure Time or The Bravest Warriors. A cyberpunkish mecha magical girl, whom fights with a glowing crystal blade.



Shades: BareRose – Pink Arms Lady (tinted)
Hair: [Gauze] – Destroy – Popularity (tinted the shit out of)
Eye Shadow: Lovely Disarray – Wet Eye Shadow – Beauty of Bella
Blue Face/Eye Make Up: [ni.ju] – Red Panda – Yukio
Stars: [ni.Ju] – Face Stars – White
Scouter: BareRose – Cyber Race Queen – Pink
Yellow Eye: <<< negaposi >>> – FEAR EYES – MOON
Blue Eye: <<< negaposi >>> – creepy eyes – RAVEN B R (tinted)
Eye Lashes: Candy Mountain – . Falsies . – . Fluffy Falsies .
Blue Smugs: [ni.Ju] -6 Makeup – Red Panda . Yukio
Lipstick: .The Sugar Garden. – Baby Balm – Lilac NT – Pale Light
Eye Tattoo: [Gauze] – Tattoo – Kayn – 3 – White (tinted)
Face Tattoo: ~You Might Feel A Prick – Fantasy Woad – B/C/Fe
Skin: House of *Sanu – Nixie Skin
Purple Shoulder Armor: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink (tinted)
Pink Shoulder Upper Arm Armor: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink
Vest: BareRose – Pink Arms Lady
Tank: Chemistry – Echo Tank Top (crop) – Space
Gem: Circle 7 – Chrysophase
Plugsuit: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink
Arm Bracers: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink – ForeArm
Top Gloves: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink
Bottom Gloves: BareRose – Cyber Race – Pink
Weapon: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink (tinted)
Belt: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink
Belt 2: BareRose – Pink Arms Lady
Skirt: HOC Industries – Pleated Skirt (tinted)
Stockings + Attachments on Stockings: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink
Upper Boot: BareRose – Cyber Braver – Pink (tinted)
Lower Boot: BareRose – Pink Arms Lady (tinted)


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