You can call me queen bee~

Royal bubblegum pink today thanks to an LCKY update! With a freebie jewelry set!

Feeling princessy lately thanks to one of my newer RP creations and with one of the new hairs from LCKY, I could not help myself!

I am in love again with the Mui hair from LCKY, it reminds me of Ayashi’s older Hime hairstyle but done beautifully in rigged mesh. The waves give it that perfect princess look. Fair warning, there is no alpha included so make sure you have one or merely adjust your shape to fit and it only comes with rigged, but I cannot imagine making this hair unrigged, it would ruin it There is also the Runa which is a long dual pigtail that goes down your avatar’s back which also quite lovely.

To go get these two great unique new hair styles, head over to LCKY.

I also found these sweet pearls from Lazuri, for free! It comes with two styles of earrings, one necklace, one bracelet (for each hand) and one ring (for each hand). You can adjust the brightness, glow, color and more! And there is a delete script for when you are done.

Crown: Schadenfreude – Storybook Royalty: Crown of Diamonds (Old Arcade Gatcha Item, resized)
Hair: [LCKY] – Mui – Disaster
Eyes: CLEMMM – Dolly Eyes – Faded Pink
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY – Julia – 02 – Cream
Upper Pink Pearl Necklace + Drop Pearl Earrings: Lazuri – Classic Pearls
Lower Peach Pearl Necklace: *League* – Double Stranded Soft Pearl Necklace
Modest Shirt: Royanna McCallen – Enchanted Gown Modesty Shirt – White (Modded)
White Bust Prims: [Wishbox] – Alisandra Wedding Gown – White
White Bodice + Sleeves: [K~*~S] – Deseree – Gown – Snow
Pink Pearl Bracelets: Lazuri – Classic Pearls
Hands: SLink – AdEnchance Hands – Female – Casual
White Rose Overskirt: [Wishbox] – Alisandra Wedding Gown – White
Peach Sleeves + Skirt: *Deviance* – Fairy Princess – Faded Peach


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