Cyan Cyberforce


FutureWave is open!

I have tons of amazing stuff to blog from FutureWave, seriously if you are any form of science fiction nut or roleplayer, the event is a NEED to go. There is so many different stores and types of science fiction items, it made me so very happy. But, I am going to review my current favorite items from this event.


Now I was wearing the Blue Falcon Industries’ Armored Undersuit in my last post and again I am wearing it, the white version today. I love this item because of not only the amazing texture detail of the suit, but the fact it is perfectly unisex. I can wear it as a femboy, busty lady, dude, flatchested lady, whatever!

It’s so great, most of my cybersuits are too sleeky shaded for my male avatars, so this really… made my event. It also comes with all sorts of layers from gloves, to socks, to jacket to whatever your hearts desire, making it perfect for layering with other suits or under mesh clothing. For 300L it really is worth the money and tintable. Oh lord, marry me Logan.


DRD did a slamdunk with a HUGE variety of accessories from post-apocalytic armor to cybernetic implants (the spine I am wearing above!) to wings to this awesome side jaw mask. Again, the creativity at this event is top notch.

ContraptioN brings us the usual masks we have come to love from Faust Steamer. He has an upper eye mask and a visor, which I am wearing that comes with a jaw attachment as well. It blends in perfectly with the other items from his 2088 line… but he also brought us something really different. He created this very cool low-land impact shop sign which you can place your own text in. Very rad and perfect for a science fiction sim.

I am overwhelmed with the items here, and there is tons of stuff for both ladies and guys. So please come on down to FutureWave! It’s open now!

The details:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Gen Hair – Golden
Visor + Lower Jaw: [ContraptioN] – Xenia’s Visor – *default*
Side Jaw: DRD –¬†Cybermask – right bluesteel
Earring: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. – GLARE – Shiva – FULL (Final Fantasy Fair Item, tinted)
Jacket: GRAVES – Connect – Gray
Necklace: :*:Chaos, Panic & Disorder:* – Ceti Pendant – Men (FutureWave Exclusive Item, tinted)
Shoulder Rig: Tokugawa Heavy Industries – Shoulder Rig
Spine: DRD – centipede male – bw
Gloves: GRAVES – Connect – Gray
Undersuit: =Blue Falcon Industries – Armored Undersuit – Undersuit – LIGHT
Pants: [NeurolaB Inc.] – Baggyz Short – Black – Electro
Pants Pockets: GRAVES – Connect – Gray
Boots: [NeurolaB Inc.] РHi-Boots Runner Combat Boots РBlack


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