Regal youthful look!

Today I am wearing a rather fancy smacy outfit, but I want to talk about the awesome new hair from LCKY. I have a pile of it to blog, and decided I would first start with the Hansel which is a limited item. It is currently out for the Femboy Hunt and will only be out for the month of March. It is only 2 L to buy, and comes with a full fatpack of colors to choose from. Totally worth the 2 L!

It comes with two different styles, the full which I am currently wearing and a shaved one which only has one of the sides visible. It’s perfect for a variety of different themes avatars, however I felt it leaned it self better to a regal princey look and here we are!

Hair: LCKY – Hansel – Hansel 1 – Neturals
Eyes: CLEMMM – Blue Glass Eyes
Skin: [PF] Sora <Alabaster> – Natural – Boi
Eye Attachment: [ContraptioN]  – Gavin’s Monocle – Default
Jacket and Ruffle: Bare Rose – Flat Gloxxel Lady – Red
Gloves: *JKING* – BL – Gloves
Pocketwatch: [ni.Ju] – Alexander’s Pocket Watch
Pants: [Sassy Kitty Designs] –  Sassy Puffy Shorts – Taupe
Socks: *League* – Ella Stockings- Bolds – Red-Brown Garter
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Paramour – black


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