Pink Punk


Tomboyish and still pretty, new releases from LCKY and CLEMMM.

I guess if you live under a rock, you haven’t heard that LCKY released a bunch of new hairs to their pay group for a LIMITED time. There are four bundles of hair to get, but my personal favorite is the Lemon v2 hair. It came with 209432039203920 colors, as can be seen below and features tons of fades and full colors of hair. It’s perfectly unisex in look, good for avatars that want to lean more anime or androgen in style. And for 250 L for the group entrance fee? It’s completely worth it.


As for CLEMMM, CLEMMM will be in the Skin Fair, which runs from March 14-30, with a bunch of cute make ups! And these amazing lip blushes, which are beautifully highlighted and shaded. They work for a variety of looks from gothic to rockerbilly to clubbing to casual normal day looks and work amazing well with my newest Pink Fuel skin.


And that’s all for now!

The Details:

Hair: LCKY – Lemon V2 – Bonus
Eyes: CLEMMM – Blue Glass Eyes
Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Sora – Alabaster – Nude
Lipstick: CLEMMM – Lip Blushes – Sakura Petal
Green Tartan Top: MIEL – Tartan Shirt
Pink Tanktop: AP – Gradient Tank – Bumblegum – Highneck
Necklace: .:ellabella:. – Night Necklace – Mitosis
Jeans: AOHARU – Jeans BoyFriend – LightWashed
Boots: MIEL – Timber Boot – Bright


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