In The Name Of The Moon!


Cutie Moon Fair!

Growing up, Sailor Moon was one of the first animes I was experienced to. And thought I may not be the biggest fan boy/girl, it still holds a special place in my heart. And I have been very happy with the sudden influx of Sailor Moon items in Second Life thanks to the new manga and anime. But, enough of my past! Lets go look at some of these awesome items!

Seriously, the quality of these items are amazing compared what is currently out there for Sailor Moon related gear. I nearly flailed to death when I found out about this fair and who was in it.


One of my top items has to be the uniforms that Violent Seduction put out of the Eternal Sailor Scouts, it contains all of the scouts AND is fitted mesh. So it conforms to your avatar’s shape! Totally sweet! And for the L price tag, not bad at all.



The next is the Eternal Staff from The Sugar Garden, I mean look at that. The shading and reflective quality on the staff is amazing, and looks highly realistic. The Sugar Garden has a slew of other items including compacts, prism rings and earrings (which I can be seen wearing), a disguise pen, Pegasus huggable and more! But, you should expect this fine quality from the Sugar Garden.

Though it is not from the Cutie Moon Fair I also have two other items that I am wearing that I love.


One is a new release from [LCKY] which is the hair Harime, (which can be seen all the photos above) it’s this long flowing rigged pig-tail hair that looks like I’ve stepped from a magical girl anime! It’s 250 L at [LCKY] currently! Completely “kawaii”.


And finally! One of the latest releases from Tokyo.Girl! These are the Lyke Boots, which come in a variety of different colors.  (I am wearing the Snow version). They are resizable and have optional sock laced tops which you can turn on and off by clicking each individual boot. It’s a rather tasteful boot, and for 189 L it is not bad at all!

So, in short, head over to the Cutie Moon Fair! It opens at 12 SLT on April First! And do not forget to head over to [LCKY] and Tokyo.Girl!

The Details:


Hair: [LCKY] – Harime – Disaster
Glasses: Intrigue Co. – Cutie Moon Glasses – Sapphire Blue
Skin: Essences – CHO skin – Anime – Brunette
Eyes: +*+ Animetick *+* – Light Blue – Small
Earings: The Sugar Arden – PrismPower Earring – Mercury x Gold
Ring: The Sugar Garden – PrismPower Ring – Mercury x Silver – 1
Locket: PILOT – Cutie Moon Fair Locket
Uniform: Violent Seduction – Eternal Uniform – Mercury
Staff: The Sugar Garden – Eternal Staff
Hands: SLink – Casual
Uniform: Violent Seduction – Eternal Uniform – Mercury
Stockings: *GField* – Ruffle Socks – Over Knee – White/Cream- (Tinted cuffs)
Boots: Tokyo.Girl – Lyke Boot – Snow


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