Buckles & Black



Sleek, dark and edgy. Let’s take an adventure to the World Goth Fair!

After going away on a trip, been trying to get back to blogging. Finally managed to get my feet wet again!

So, World Goth Fair has been going on and I’ve been a little late to the party thanks to admining and real life. Now that I am officially done with school forever, let’s hope my real life and more stops being a butt!

But, lets focus! World Goth Fair¬†is running from May 15th to May 31th, and has some great variety of classic and more tame elegant gothic items like Lassitude’s & Ennui’s Mystic Dress to more of a vibrant and funky coloration of Bilo’s Pari Dress (pictured in this post!). And ofcourse their is the buckles and more cybergoth feel of GALLACTIC’s items like the Enyo Collar. Overall, I found this years World Goth Fair superior to last years (yes I was disappointed last year). I am truly glad that the vendors stepped up their game this year and provided some amazing items! Three sims full of things to make a raven cry blood it’s so goth. ¬†Better get your butt there!

And I am wearing the romantic Roma hair from LCKY, which suits the gothic look perfectly due to the flowing windswept styling. It would work for more casual looks as well, but it just seems perfect for looks with that edgier flare. It is fitted mesh, and you can get it at the LCKY mainstore! And that’s all for now!

The Details!


Hair Flowers: *GField* – 3Roses Hair Comb – Black
Hair: LCKY – Roma – Neturals (tinted)
Skin: [KOOQLA] – Cherie – Porcelain(lb)
Eyes: Clemmm – The Whites
Eye Liner: {essences} – Sarah TFG 9th eidition – Cat eyeliner
Eye Shadow: A:S:S – Rockstar Eyeshadow – Contrats
Lipstick: Haus of Darcy – Glam Oil – Latex Lipstick – (Pale Skins)
Piercings: .:ellabella:. – Division
Collar: GALLACTIC – Enyo collar – Black
Lace Shirt: +NK+ – Bouquet of roses – lace tops
Dress: Bilo – Pari Party Dress
Gloves + Stockings: GALLACTIC – Enyo – Black


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