“He was damned by the cruel goddess, but still he fought valiantly on. Embracing the darkness and weaponizing it for himself to bring about her end.”

After making some pretty sweet outfits, I’ve decided to lightly blog again. This means my updates are going to be rather random, so I do apologize for those who use to follow me for the lack of regular updates. I will however keep up my variety! So expect spooky edgelords to some more kawaii desu things and stuff between!


Helmet: [Lost Haven] – Abyssal Knight – Helmet – Half (Modified)
Mask: Kobold Studios – Skull Mask (Modified)
Hair: .~Tableau Vivant~ – Hatsuhi Hair (Old Gift)
Skin: the body co. – Hunter – 02 Ivory
Mouth Blood: No Longer Available
Eye Shadow: .:Glamorize:. – Guyliner Eye Makeup – Eyeshadow
Eye Bags: Clemmm – Fract Eyes – Amber
Eyes: Clemmm – Sleepless – day 13 – Black (Part of the Clemmm – Insomniac Pack)
Gold Armor/Pauldron/Left Vambrace: [Lost Haven] – Vampiric Aristocrat – Gold
Back Sword: .Eldtrich. – Khordaldric Foe
Right Bracer: [SWAGGA] – Monir Bracer (Modified)
Jacket Layer: Bare Rose – Archane Knight – Jacket (Modified)
Shirt: Bare Rose – Romeo – Red Shirt
Torso Sash: Bare Rose – Pirate Emperor – Red Sash (Modified)
Waist Sash: {Exalted} – Regent – Sash – Unrigged (Modified)
Hip Longsword: [Lost Haven] – Revenant Weapons – Revenant Longsword
Gloves: Eclipse Designs – Nemesis – Gloves – Ebon
Ring: .Eldritch. – Gilding Of The Caird – Ring
Hand Blood: Pie-Tin – Murder She Wrote (Modified)
Pants: Eclipse Designs – Falconer – Pants – Ebon/Red
Grieves: [Lost Haven] – Vampiric Aristocrat – Gold
Boots: {Exalted} – Regent – Boots
Shadow Prims: Bright Shadow Designs –¬†Shadows Avatar Version 2 – Color Change Mesh Avatar


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