Noble Blood

Noble Blood

“He scoffed at the woman at his finely covered-feet, sneering at her with his pearly white teeth, his pale white eyes finding her disheveled face. When he located it, his piercing hues boring into hers as his carefully crafted yet harsh words stabbed into her with such an violent intensity. The woman’s eyes filled with shimmering tears as she slowly nodded, realizing her fate… The glossy droplets slipping down her cheeks as one of his leather-clad hands clasped around her slender neck… Her choked gasps of breath filling his ears, like a bird’s song as he silenced her for eternity.”

Hair: Dura – -Boys&Girls*31 – Black
Eyes: Clemmm – White Glass Eyes
Skin: Aeros – Aiden – muerte – smooth
Face Markings: MONSTER – Godsent Revenge Boy
Cloak + Shoulder Pauldron: Eclipse Designs – Inquisitor – Ebon
Neck Covering: The Black Canary – Darkness Collar (No longer available)
Surcoat + Neck Ruffle: [Lost Haven] – Nobleman’s War Coat – War
Undershirt + Sleeves: Muses – Redemption – Black
Gloves: *LightStar – Leather Gloves – Black
Blades: [First Act] – Eagle Wing
Pants: gO! – Captain Pants 1 (Gacha item)
Boots: {Exalted} – Regent – Boots


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