Golden Goddess

Golden Goddess

“She rested elegantly upon the gilded silken pillow, her golden orbs narrowing as they entered her sanctuary before a cruel smile spread across her painted lips, drawing out her pointed teeth… How wonderful, a free meal.”

Hair: Taketomi – Emiri Headdress: .aisling. – Cour des Cauchemars Crown – Silver
Skin + Ears: ~Alchemy~ – Demon Skin – Female – Azazel
Eyes: Clemmm – Demoneee Eyes – Molten Gold
Face Markings: :[Plastik]: – Demon Fades – Face- Aanh II
Lipstick: – .House of Darcy. – Glam Oil Lipstick – Female
Gold Collar: PEQE – Naud
Black Collar: .aisling. – Iron Maiden Collar – iron
Chest Markings: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ – ASCENSION tattoo – BLACK – Elements Cut
Black Sleeves: PEQE – Spoopy Sleeves – Black
Dress + Belt + Beads + Shawl: .aisling. – Qarth Lady – Mustard
Undershirt: [nn] – SHORT TIE TOP – black
Claws: DRD – demonhands – female – long
Staff: .aisling. – Jahanem – Silver –
Back Tail: Sinful Needs – Mesh Tail, Spaded Bare


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