“His grin was ever-present, never changing due to the stained mask he wore. But, a simple glance to the side, where the blood dripped and the grin drew and dipped downwards… the true expression appeared. The deepest frown, the nastiest sneer, for he truly was a monster.”

Hair: [taketomi] – Ryu – Platinum 06 – With Mesh Base
Mask: [ContraptioN] – Masks: Shanklin Plague Victim – default (Freebie!)
Eyes: Clemmm – Demoneee eyes – Black
Ears: Aeros – Ears Elven
Skin: Aeros – Ael – Storm – Smooth
Tattoo Layer: :[Even Tide]: – Stone Veins – Stone Veins A
Black Veins: {Frick} – Creepy Tattoos – Toxic – Full Makeup (Body+Face)
Mouth + Mouth Blood: [ContraptioN] – The Demon Grin
Coat: [Lost Haven] – Outlaw Mesh Coat
Fur: Bare Rose – Night Master ME Collar Fur (Part of the Night Master Set)
Collar: Bare Rose – Studded Armor Collar (Part of the Studded Armor Set)
Wings: Europa – aavinos wings – UNDEAD
Pants: Bare Rose – Black Shadow Pants (Part of the Black Shadow Set)
Belt: {Kahli Designs} – Wayfarer – Belt (Part of the Wayfarer set)
Shin Guards: Bare Rose – Studded Armor Lower Leg (Part of the Studded Armor Set)
Feet: Europa – Khor feet – Ivory


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