Her purity was disarming, her eyes bright. Hope-filled. She spoke in a rapid sequence, her joy warming the air around her as her ears wiggled. Such was her way. Such was her curse.

Ears: ALTAIR* – Fluffy Ears (Tinted!)
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Hisako hair – Summer set (Tinted!)
Eyes: Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll – Violent
Skin: (*ANGELICA) – Dollfie – Violet (at the Kawaii Faire!)
Collar: ALTAIR* – kitty collar – purity pink
Necklace: ALTAIR* – crystalized insults – .senpai noticed. (at the Kawaii Faire!)
Cargian + Dress: Mikunch – OHANA DRESS
Wrist Bows: *MUKA* – Burlesque Bow
Hands: SLink – Casual
Stockings: PANTSU*HUNTER – lace socks – .white.
Shoes: DECO – Meadow Flat – Leather Cherry


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