Meaning was everything, lacking a function caused a lack of purpose and ultimately death for its’ kind. And because of the fusion of flesh and metal… what chance was there for the cyborg to ever achieve a life without violence and bloodshed? Years 3.14 pondered this from the its’ ‘freedom’ and what its’ function could be. The cyborg had tried to find it’s way into the dystopian society and soon rejected it, the broken mind of this tin solider crumbling even more so from the pressures. It was only time til it returned to what it was made for: to destroy, to murder and to run.

Gotta run
‘Til I fall,
Gotta keep on
Feeding the crave.
Gotta build
Gotta build
Up my wall,
Gonna keep on
Digging my grave.

Gotta fight
Gotta fight
‘Til I bleed,
Gotta keep my head
Screwed on tight.
Gotta stay
Gotta stay
In the lead,
Gotta make sure
I win this fight.

It’s okay if I’m
A bit unstable,
I’ve been doing
Just fine on my own.
I don’t care if I am
In denial,
It’s a mild syndrome.

Unstable by Chaotica

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Kyou hair – Naturals II
Hair Base: AITUI – 5 Etched Hair Bases – Firebird
Skin: [Pink Fuel] – ANDRO – Ash – Peach
Human Eye: {S0NG} – Murky Eyes – Aqua Eye (Old Gift)
Bionic Eye: ~*By Snow*~ – Cyborlyte Eye – White – M
Eyebrow + Cheek Piercings: [ni.Ju] – Amped Piercing
Face Mask: Obscure – Tactical Mask – Gangsta
Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] – Marissa Peirce
Left Pauldron: [The Forge] – Krull Pauldron – Worn Black
Armstraps: Goth1c0 – Leather Armband – Women
Right Arm Armor + Pauldron: DRD – female – armor -bluemetal
Awesome Arms: [Chariot] – Carapace Cyberarm – dark
Harness: PFC – Cimmerian – Chest Harness – Black (Part of the Cimmerian set)
Top: Apricot Paws – Sporty Hoodie
Axe of Awesomeness: BlunderForge – Junkpile Reaver
Belt: DRD – Steampunk Belt – dark
Pants: DECO – Her Bandit Cargos fitted – tactical
Boots: DRD – post apoc nerd stompers – coal


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